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Period Activities
02/2023 - 
  • Analysis and programming within area "ALIS" (Asset & Liability Information System)
  • Coordination & realization of the tasks/issues via Odyssey
  • Replacement of the data source for securities data in all programs and processes

  • System environment: 
03/2017 - 01/2023
  • Analysis and programming within area "Flow of Funds"
  • Coordination & realization of the tasks/issues via Odyssey
  • Conversion of various DB2 accesses to IBM-IAS(IDAA) for the optimization of the TEV sequences

  • System environment: 
02/2011 - 02/2017
  • Take over of responsibility for the application DBH (safekeeping accounting)
  • Planning incl. coordination and monitoring of requests to DBH
  • Creation of requirements and specifications
  • Performance and tuning of the DB2 tables of historical data within the scope of their extension
  • Coordination of the migration of all data services from Corba to WebServices
  • Working as a Scrum-Team

  • System environment: 
04/2009 - 01/2011
  • Analysis and program adaptions within the deadline monitoring and repayments for the project "EUROM"

  • System environment: 
01/2009 - 03/2009
  • Support and software customizations within ADB, the central data warehouse

  • System environment: 
01/2005 - 12/2008
  • Coordination and software customization in the context of the conversion to the new compiler "EPLI"
  • PSB-consolidation inclusive the associated software customization
  • Div.implementations (inclusive analysis, coordination) in the maintenance project like conversion to AURA (authorization interface), DB2 table splitting, replacement of existing central modules by new ones
  • Creation of a specification for separation the IMS position database.

  • System environment: 
01/2001 - 12/2004

    Subproject manager for the DB2 table splitting of the DBH particularly divide the position and transaction data on further DB2-Tables

  • Coordination of 4 developers
  • Analysis and detail specification
  • Performance optimization of the access modules
  • Adjustments of the TEV cycles

  • System environment: 
10/1998 - 12/2000
  • Realization support in the project DEGA (order processing via order manager within a batch monitor framework)
  • Creation and adjustment of various Views and forms for data bases in the Lotus Notes 4.6

  • System environment: 
10/1997 - 09/1998
  • Analysis of the currency data base and create a dokumentation
  • Realization of various programs and central modules in the context of Datawarehousing
  • Partial analysis for the conversion of the booking logic within the securities accounting(DBH) of TEV to real-time

  • System environment: 
03/1995 - 09/1997
  • Realization of an activity manager (HOST), in the project KREDIS (credit systems), for the client server activity system
  • Various host interfaces and transactions (among other things for the balance sheet analysis and the provisions). Communication between the PC and HOST takes place via LU6.2

  • System environment: 
09/1994 - 02/1995
  • Planning and actual state analysis for the automation of the payment transactions entrance (postal cheque) with a document readers
  • Realization of the host interfaces and transactions. The datentransfer from the AIX workstation to the HOST takes place via RJE

  • System environment: 
02/1994 - 08/1994
  • Actual state analysis and realization for the collection of blockings among other things cheque barriers

  • System environment: 
08/1993 - 01/1994
  • Actual state analysis and realization for the implementation of the new entrance ways of the payment transactions for ESR credit notes (via SIC/DTA)

  • System environment: 
01/1993 - 07/1993
  • Automation of the payment transactions exit with a document readers
  • Realization of the generation of order to pay, the interfaces and transactions at the HOST. File transfer integration between document reader application and HOST via ind$file inclusive job start
  • Optimization of the application for the needs in co-operation with the manufacturers and adjustment of various shell scripts

  • System environment: 
10/1991 - 12/1992
  • Centralization of the customer post shipping (AFP and post road control)
  • Realization of central programs (Merge, select, save and restore)

  • System environment: 
10/1989 - 09/1991
  • Realization from dialogues to control and controlling of a "post road" (packages)
  • Realization of report and statistical programs
  • Realization of a data base interface

  • System environment: