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"Stand well in life - with a stable health as the basis"
I was able to experience this in the summer of 2016, when I decided to do a bowel treatment (detox / cleanse).

Wow, Unicity's products are unique!
⇒ many are registered in the PDR and in the Cologne list. ...
⇒ Incidentally, I was able to reduce my weight from 94kg to 82kg (with a height of 1.86m), which I was able to keep until today !
⇒ In addition, more vitality, better concentration and clear focus, increased willingness to perform, faster recovery time after intensive training! I feel as good as I did when I was young.

Link to the information video
⇒ in a bowel treatment / detox you will not be left alone, our team and myself are at your disposal for any questions!
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For questions and further information I am very happy to help you!
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